Quality control

Within Mitsides Point is a fully functional in-house laboratory where raw materials and end products are checked and tested upon entrence to end exit from the production and warehouse areas.All microbiological analyses aredone at the institute for Public Health in Sremska Mitrovica and GMO analyses are done at the institute for Food Technology in Novi Sad.

Expert personnel operate the highest technology food safety and quality control devices. Mitsides Point is certified to the HACCP Food Safety Management ISO Quality Systems and IFS.Strict quality control is implemented throughout all process functions,from raw materials to end products.

Primary objecitves of the company in the area of food safety and quality are:

  • Identification,assessment and control of all potential hazards related to safety during the whole production process and all way through to the distribution to customersand consumers;
  • Functioning in compliance with regulatory acts;
  • Balancing of internal and external communication;
  • Satysfying the needs to custumers and consumers;
  • Prevention and correction of any issues related to food safety;
  • Constant improvement of procedures.

The company’s staff is trained to follow and apply all procedures according to the Food Safety Management System,aiming to achieve the company ‘s strategic goals and to adhere to its policies and regulations of quality and food safety management.